A wearable for 1:1 communication


Vibe Check is a set of two wearable devices that will aid to achieve the process of interpersonal synchrony between two interacting users. The wearable devices will consist of measuring the user’s heart rate, body temperature, and skin conductivity, and use them as social cues to improve in communication by communicating them through visual lights and haptic feedback.

This aims to look into the possible uses and benefits of facilitating interpersonal synchrony and the future of in-person communication during social interactions. While Vibe check is a specular look into the future of wearables and communication, facilitating interpersonal synchrony has also been proven to be beneficial for individuals with Social Communication Disorders. This could be used in the future for things like a therapist and patient relationships, retaining user engagement, or other users that focus on two or more people interacting with each other wanting to create a better sense of trust and security.

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